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“I encourage no one to support this. bad things are coming from this, mark my words. bad things have already happened.” – David Scott

My name is Matt and I hate Kanye West.  I guess that’s a little too simplistic of a reason behind this particular blog.  When I first heard him I thought he was an amazing producer with a huge amount of potential.  What I soon found out was that I was listening to the ramblings of an egotistical, emotionally unstable, completely self unaware, purulent asshole who makes music not for music’s sake but for Kanye’s sake.  More than just Mr. West, he represents everything I dislike about pop-music today.  It is manufactured not for our enjoyment but to extract money out of our pockets to help keep us sedated while indoctrinating us with false ideals of power and greed that help sustain the current hegemonic systems of oppression.  I know I know, its not that serious…I just like his beats…blah blah blah.  At the end of the day Kanye is a douche and I don’t like him because I just don’t like him.  I rant about Kanye but also talk about things I think are better than Kanye such as donuts, cramps, pink eye and so forth.



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  1. Cia says:

    Nice blog buddy. ; )

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