Happy Birthday Kanye

I have been neglecting this blog for sometime now and it has nothing to do with you. Its me. Ever since Kim and Kanye started dating I have been uninspired to write about him. Maybe its because that’s exactly what Kanye would do. kanye West would date Kim Kardashian because that what a Kanye would do. It’s too predictable and I would not be surprised if he gets her pregnant by the end of the year. I yawn. I want some live TV fuck the president Kanye. Some Taylor Swift eat shit Kanye, that out of left field Kanye I hate so much. This Kanye I still can’t stand but there is no passion in this move. Its so tabloid and transparent I can’t get excited about it. Even though I talk a lot about how I feel he as an entity in his position in the genre of hip hop is and has been detrimental to its core and even though the way that he acts and presents himself annoys me to the bone, I do think he is a musical genius. I just wish he would use his gifts for good instead of “swag”. (that’s the fourth and final time I will ever use that word) Here is a video of him yelling at his fans…people who have paid money to see him by the way. Kanye Yelling At Someone Again I wanted to give a short post just to say Happy Birthday to my buddy Kanye.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Kanye

  1. cher says:

    Absolutely hilarious because, as it turns out, you were right.

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