Black Nerds! It’s Been A Year of BETTERTHANKANYE!

WOW time flies when you are hating on folks.  I started this blog up about a year ago and really appreciate the words of hate, love and general music and political discourse.  My posts have been getting a little scarce as I finished a book a few months ago and have been working on a novel of sorts.  I wanted it to be a dramatization of past relationships I’ve had but ironically you can’t inject anymore drama into most of these stories if you tried.  I wrote about 2,500 words today so its on its way.  I thought I’d repost some Kanye artwork from posts over the last year.  Oh and check out Generation Bizzle on LA TALK Live tomorrow at 4:30.  I’ll be talking about poetry, Drink Dream Scream and Betterthankanye!

Oh also also I read an article from my boy Pat about Kanye somehow paving the way for the black nerd.  First off Kanye isn’t a nerd.  He is a geek, a dweeb a dork that happens to have made a ton of money through having an insanely close pulse on pop culture.  You might dress like Urkel but you don’t act like Urkel.  Neil deGrasse Tyson is a black nerd (and also one of my heroes) If you don’t know google the shit out of him.  He is a badass astrophysicist and has been trying to time travel since before Kanye was born.  Kyp Malone, the high pitched singer from TV on the Radio is a Black Nerd. (Another one of my heroes) Donald Glover, from NBC’s Community is a Black Nerd. (again a hero)  Hell i’m sitting here blogging at 8:00 at night and take pictures of my self doing my best clint eastwood in the mirror.  I’m a Black Nerd!  Being a Black Nerd doesn’t mean putting on a skinny tie and black glasses when you are sitting up in VIP pouring champagne on some 19 year old video vixen.  Kanye capitalized on the rising popularity of step teams stemming primarily from Historically Black Universities and fashioned his first album to fit that market.  As much as I hate on him if you have read this blog enough you know that I don’t think he is talent-less by any means.  I love authentic heartfelt music and what Kanye does is take what other people feel as important and twists it, packaging it as his own authentic ideas and sell them back to folks that want to identify with those feelings.  Kanye is the kid no one picked to play kickball not because he was a nerd, but because he was most likely a socially awkward asshole.   Okay here are some images from past posts!  Thanks for the love and have a happy holiday!

Kanye gets married yall.



2 thoughts on “Black Nerds! It’s Been A Year of BETTERTHANKANYE!

  1. gabriel says:

    some of the better hatin’ i have read hermano. congrats on the anniversary and the book.

  2. Matt Jones says:

    Thanks man I appreciate the support! I didn’t even realize it had been a year!

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